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Your drain plays a key role in your livelihood, serving as a conduit for water to pass. So, should your drains experience a minor or major blockage, then call Ray Loya Plumbing for drain services.  We offer a cutting-edge approach to resolving drain problems. Since a slow drain typically raises a red flag, our drain professionals will perform a camera inspection of your drain and pipes to detect any issues — from grease buildups to leaks — that should be assessed pronto. Our leak locating instruments minimize costly water bills and the risks of serious drain damage. We use a drain clog remover that is safe and infallible. Need leak locating service or a drain clog remover? Rest assured for we will address the issue before a blocked drain leaves destruction in its wake.

Indications That Call for Professional Drain Services in Los Angeles, CA

If you are experiencing a slow drainage system, know that circumstances like this are common, but should never be neglected. A serious clog that won’t let up eventually results in more significant buildup over time and causes your toilet to overflow or sewer lines to leak. Bearing in mind these problems can help you avoid them while you still can. Our drain services are known to work wonders!

  • Reduce odors from your drains
  • Clear drains and reduce bacteria, resulting in a cleaner home
  • Save you money on replacements and expensive water bills
  • Fewer clogs overtime

If you have taken a shine to our drain and leak locating services, then call the plumbers at Ray Loya Plumbing.  While there are other drain cleaning professionals in CA, no one can compare to our level of dedication, given our experience in the trade and passion for solving problems. Avoid a poor drainage system by trusting our Los Angeles plumbers for a complete drain cleaning service.

Ray was the second plumber I’ve had out to repair my plumbing problems. The first was unable to figure it out, but Ray had it within a half hour. I liked that he discussed the problems with me first, before he began work. My drains are completely clear, and a long time leak is repaired. He was very professional, and easy to talk to with. I will definitely recommend Ray Loya Plumbing to anyone who needs plumbing work!   Kenny L. In Downey

- Paul F.

My sink started leaking water late at night and I called Ray Loya because my regular guy was unavailable. So lucky I did. Ray is super friendly, skillful and very competitively priced, especially considering his extensive knowledge and professionalism. Replaced my entire disposal and piping today. Whole family is thankful to him. And he had great ideas on how to fix my gate and bathtub! Highly recommended Ray and team!

- Tony J.

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